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Thread: Strange bottom border on linked images in IE

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    Default Strange bottom border on linked images in IE

    At the bottom of my website, I have small icons linked to my social networking sites. For some reason, there's a black border-like styling being applied to them only in IE (I'm viewing it in 8 and 7). I've tried everything: setting border to 0px, altering the background color to see if it's a background, setting margins and padding to 0px on both a and img. The link is:

    Any ideas as to what the heck this is?!
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    the alpha filter is the bad guy. Either loose that or you can fix it by setting a solid background color.
    #b2 a img{
    		margin-right: 3px;
    		filter: alpha(opacity:60);
    		KHTMLOpacity: 0.60;
    		MozOpacity: 0.60;
    		text-decoration: none !important;
    		border-width: 0px !important;
    		opacity: 0.60;
    As for the explanation to this, John has explained it somewhere on this forum a couple of months ago or so. You just can't fade images with alpha transparency and a transparent background in IE without getting this kind of artefact ( as far as i understand it ).
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