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Thread: Ajax dynamic form validation (reading from DB)

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    Default Ajax dynamic form validation (reading from DB)

    Hello ,

    everyone, i found some codes on the web showing different kind of form validation, but i couldn't find the one i need

    here is what is expected from the (ajax?) code

    - The form contain only one input box, where i'll type a Name.
    - when i'm typing, it checks dynamically (in real time) from the database if it does not already exists.
    - while it exists, a little comment says : Name already exists
    - when it's ok it says : Name is ok
    - then i can submit.

    It's easy to explain and understand, but not to code
    Thanks a lot for any help

    PS : I found the following code, but it's ASP code, i would prefer not to use ASP.
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