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Thread: Displaying videos from RSS feed and not just text/images

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    Default Displaying videos from RSS feed and not just text/images

    1) Script Title: RSS Display Boxes

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: I would like for any videos I've posted on my blog on Tumblr, which I am displaying on this page via the above script, to show up the same on the page they are being displayed on. Right now the videos are not even coming up, let alone displaying incorrectly. I need the same thing to happen with any mp3s I post that are played via flash objects. What adjustments would I need to make to the dynamic script to make my blog show up exactly the same as it does on tumblr?

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    Hi I think you need to digg into the simplepie documentation. Probably you have to use native_embed() or embed() to get the mediafiles showing up. Here is a link to the native embed doc. I know this is not going to solve the problem easily, but it could be a start. I have had the video embed working on a site using this newsblock which also uses simplepie. Maybe taking a look at the code could help you. Finally you can take a look or ask at the simplepie support forum. That's unless somebody else here has an easy fix for the problem


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