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Thread: Displaying Live Data on Website!

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    Default Displaying Live Data on Website!

    I have a charting/analysis program for trading stocks and Futures. It runs on real-time data. One of its windows displays my simulated account information (Current Equity, Profit and Loss...etc.). One of the account info figures is the Account Equity which is constantly updating in real time, with every price tick.

    I would like to have just this single figure (Account Equity) displayed on my website - constantly updating in real time - the same way it does in the program.

    What would be the best way to accomplish that? Would something similar to the DHTML script that's used to display Local Time on a website work?
    Or, is JavaScript needed?

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    DHTML is Javascript and a few other things. It stands for Dynamic HTML and most of the time it will be Javascript. (Most other languages only work in one browser, such as several created for Internet Explorer).

    The Local Time script is something that can be done in just Javascript: it gets a value to start (from the user's computer) then adds one every second (or perhaps it gets this value from the user's computer).
    But in the case of data that is on the server, this is not available to Javascript (which is operating on the user's computer). So you will need to use a method called "Ajax", which basically does a hidden request to the server to refresh the page without actually reloading it-- in this case grabbing your new stats and placing them onto the current page.

    There are a few scripts in the DD library that use Ajax, and there is a lot of information available by search if you can't find what you like.
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