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Thread: What is MS Acess?

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    What is MS Access? How is it differ to MySql? How can we access the database in MS Access using php? How can we view the records in MS Access? Any details regarding of MS Access would do, I just want to have an insight of what it is...

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    MySQL is a type of SQL. It's open source and very common for use with PHP.
    MS = Microsoft. Access is another type of database, and it's not free or open source. It's more common (I think) for other purposes (not websites) like managing information about a company locally, but not just for use on a site. Because it's microsoft, it's likely that you'd be able to interact with it better using microsoft products like windows and ASP (like PHP, but created by microsoft).
    However, it is possible to use PHP and Access if you want, and I'm sure you can find information on google about this.
    I'd recommend using PHP and MySQL simply because it's the most common so: 1. you probably already have it on your server and it doesn't require any setup; 2. if you ever switch servers the same will be true; 3. it's very common so others can help you-- if you use something else, it's less likely that someone you ask for help will know. For example, it's unlikely that someone will know both Access and PHP, but likely that you'd find someone who knows PHP and MySQL or someone who knows ASP and Access.

    Aside from all of that, the basic reasons for using one or another is that you have access to it (if you only have access on your server, use that), or you want to learn one for some reason and don't have time to learn another-- if you already know Access, why would you learn MySQL, etc.
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