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Thread: A database structure that works

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    Default A database structure that works

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum. I apologize if what I am about to ask has already been asked but I haven't found it so far.

    I am going to be making daily posts on my website and I want to control through my own custom-built CMS. I've built a couple very simple ones before (ID, Post, Posted By) but the way I would like to organize this one has really got me stumped as far as the architecture of the database tables and I'd really like to learn.

    Naturally, I'd like to build it as dynamic as possible but without breaking the barrier of "simple". The actual page structure I'd like to work with is: Year > Month > Day. The URL's being like

    As a basic example, I'd like to organize the PHP pages so if someone were to go to, they'd be greeted by a page that displays all of the active months that I posted entries within the year of 2010. If they chose "August", they'd be taken to and it would show all of the dates that I had posted that particular month. Finally, if they were to click the day of August 24, they would be greeted with the actual entry. The final URL being

    Does this make sense? If so, does anyone have any idea how I can structure tables that will allow me to do this with as much ease as possible?

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    That sounds like what wordpress does.
    Corrections to my coding/thoughts welcome.


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