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Thread: Blending Image Slideshow Script (need slight help)

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    Default Blending Image Slideshow Script (need slight help)

    1) Script Title: Blending Image Slideshow Script

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:

    i successfully used the code above to make a slide show.

    my 3 images are on my main page, it covers the entire page underneath the menu bar on top.

    Can someone please tell me how i can add a border around these images?

    i want the slide show to run, but I just want it to have a border, maybe a few away from the pics, a border that runs across the entire thing.

    Could use some help!!!

    thanks guys!

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    I am not sure what you are after and a link to your site would also help, but maybe something like this could get you in the right direction

    <div style="border:1px solid black; padding: 3px; width:600px; height:400px">
    <a href="javascript:gotoshow()"><img src="image1.gif" name="slide" border=0 style="filter:blendTrans(duration=3)" width=600 height=400></a>
    It is just a div with a border around the image link. Adjust the height and width to your image size. Try this first and later you might want to reference the css elsewhere instead of inline.


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