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Thread: Would like to team up with a coder to publish my novel.

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    Smile Would like to team up with a coder to publish my novel.

    Hello everybody,

    I'm writing a fictional story based on a mad journey I was on over the past four years. I've got lots of ideas about wonderful ways in which it could be published, navigated and read bit by bit on the web.

    It's not commercially driven but if I found the right person to work with I would obviously split any money that came in as a result. We'd need to draw up a contract I suppose.

    Plans are to allow readers to be able to log in; save their page/place, store preferences; leave comments; make requests; etc., etc. These back-end things are not my area and hence the interest in a coder collaborator.

    In terms of time-scale it is all a bit casual at the moment but a little back and forth could make all the difference.

    If anyone is interested or has any suggestions please let me know.

    All the best,

    Here this link will give you more idea of some of what goes on in the story I'm going to write about:

    Currently I'm living in London - meeting face to face would be good but not essential

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    I don't mean to question your idea too much, but I don't really understand why you want this.

    Basically you're wanting to publish your book online and create an "interactive book"?

    Why would readers want to interact?

    Can you explain a bit more about this?

    It would be very easy to program most of this, though some things can get complex. For example, especially the comments.

    Would the book be divided into pages? chapters? how often can users post comments?

    And, most importantly, why would someone want to log in in order to read a book?

    Or perhaps the format of the book is not standard so it's more like an encyclopedia with articles and can be read in several orders? (by topic, by time, by order of writing....)
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