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Thread: HTML Encrypt reduce page rank

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    Default HTML Encrypt reduce page rank


    Will html Encryptor code reduce page rank i.e. Google's etc

    Thanks for looking

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    It's not a rule that it will.

    But it might: if google doesn't understand your code or finds it to be badly written (likely) then it might drop the page rank.

    The most likely case is that google ignores javascript and then doesn't see anything on your page.

    Additionally, if the encryption makes it difficult for some viewers to see the page (for example those without Javascript, such as on a mobile device or older browser or just with JS disabled), then your page rank will drop because of popularity: fewer visitors means lower rank.

    Encryption is a terrible, terrible idea. There are many reasons why, and this is just one of them. Continue with it if you'd like though.

    The main reason it's a bad idea is that it requires something (usually Javascript) and doesn't gain anything (it's very easy to see the final 'unencrypted' code, despite what you might think).

    Also, why would you want to encrypt a page if you're ever going to edit it again? That's more work...
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