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Thread: Please, I just have a yes or no question.

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    Default Please, I just have a yes or no question.

    Working with Dreamweaver CS4, cPanel, phpMyAdmin. ALL database connecting successfully.

    Build a create_Table.php in phpMyAdmin successfully.

    Tested in Dreamweaver and my response…

    Success in database CONNECTION.....
    "Success in TABLE creation!......
    That completes the table setup, now delete the file
    named 'create_Table.php' and you are ready to move on. Let us go! (something like that)

    I refreshed my browser and no it says…

    Success in database CONNECTION.....
    no TABLE created. You have problems in the system already, backtrack and debug!

    Q. I’m I good to go, is this normal and can I delete the table and move on?

    A. Yes or No

    Thanks so much in advance,

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    It's very difficult to answer that for sure without knowing some more information.

    But my guess is that you created a table, then you attempted to create the same table and came across a conflict just like naming a file the same as another existing file-- "do you want to overwrite", except that mysql doesn't have that much feedback-- it just gives you some error.

    So for the "yes or no" answer, I think yes, you're ok to keep going because the conflict is expected, right?

    mysql_error() will contain the last error if you'd like to check that.
    Or just see if the table exists... if so, then that means it's there and probably causing issues when you try to overwrite it.

    Here's a really good tutorial to get started with MySQL:
    Start at the last article (at the second page as of this posting) and work your way toward the newest.

    Once you get to the level of using databases, etc., it's probably time to move on from relying on dreamweaver. It'll really help to know how to debug.
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