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Thread: Anylink JS Drop Down Menu v2.2

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    Default Anylink JS Drop Down Menu v2.2

    1) Script Title: Anylink JS Drop Down Menu v2.2

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: I have built a site that contains the above menu. It has been working fine but it has simply stopped working and I can't work out why. The only thing I have done to the site is add a JS scrolltotop effect, that's about when the menus stopped working.

    I have removed the scrolltotop effect and rebuilt the Dropdown menu.

    I can make the menu work by pasting it to a new page not connected to the site and even build a new one, but the moment I put the menu code in my site it stops working.

    I can't see any bugs in the code but I'm hoping someone can so I can get the menus working again.

    URL with problem:

    Drop down menu is part of the main navbar only, starting with the link 'Home'.
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    There may be other errors, but inside your menucontents.js file, this line is incorrect:

    ["Postures", "<a href="#" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('postures/01.php','','resizable=yes,width=900,height=500')">"],
    You can't put a <a> tag inside the 2nd parameter- it needs to be a straightfoward link.
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