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Thread: Are Dynamic Ajax links followed by bots?

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    Default Are Dynamic Ajax links followed by bots?

    1) Script Title: Dynamic Ajax Content

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:
    I am using the Dynamic Ajax Content script on a page with many links like this...

    <a href="javascript:ajaxpage('redcarpet.php','center_product');"><img src="images/medium/redcarpet.jpg" />Red Carpet</a>

    I'm wondering whether google bots would follow and try to index the following type of link?

    I have built alternate pages for all my different content that I'm loading via Ajax. I would prefer that the search engine follow these alternate pages via my sitemap rather than the dynamically loaded content.

    Anyone have an idea how these might be handled by a search engine?

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    Generally Javascript is ignored by search engines so backup (or alternative) links are suggested.
    Of course as time goes on and search engines become more sophisticated this may change.
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