i'm the new user of flash AS2, can anyone help me to solve my problem?

1)timer -start from beginning of every new games
-count from 60 to 0
-if time=0, then end of the game

2)play and stop/pause button -no reaction, why?

3)word clue -why can't display?
-clue[0] must match with word[0]

4)score -how to generate the score the rules like
(eg.answer right answer add 50points, wrong answer minus 25points)
-how to store the score to the next games
(eg. 1st game get 150points, so i need to pass this score 150points to the 2nd game)
-is it i need to add EXIT beside PLAY button there?
(so can display the total points when the user exit the game)
*ignore the generate random score by the user.

5)store score -how to store the final score, highest score, lowest score for each game?
-in flash?
-in php?
-in both?

pls link this to download my .fla file

thx ya ^.^