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Thread: Guestbook help in Plesk 7.04

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    Default Guestbook help in Plesk 7.04

    Well, I am having a problem setting up a php guestbook in Plesk. The problem is is that I don't understand php that well, although I am getting pretty good with html, and javascript. I don't understand this part, and I don't understand where the seperate filings go, in https, or http, or where. What I am asking is the place to put the separate files, and how to link it to a html page. I am totally lost.
    Here is the link to where I got it-
    PLEASE, can someone help me out here, I am in WAY over my head. My server supports all of this, I just don't know how to get it on there, all I know how to do is html and some limited Javascript. I normally wouldn't mess with it, but I kind of need a guestbook/message board for some of my clients to respond on. PLEASE HELP!

    (I am running Plesk 7.0.4, and I have root access, I am just not that familiar with it)
    Advanced Guestbook 2.3.4 (PHP/MySQL)

    - MySQL 3.22.x or higher
    - PHP 4.1 or higher


    1. Open the configuration file '' with a text editor
    and set up your database settings.

    2. Create the tables for the guestbook:
    mysql -u<user> -p<pass> <database> < guestbook.sql
    Or use the script 'install.php' ->

    3. Give write permissions to these directories:

    - public - 777 (drwxrwxrwx) (directory)
    - tmp - 777 (drwxrwxrwx) (directory)

    4. The default account is:

    Username : test
    Password : 123

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    Do you use a ftp server? You need to in order to set your permissions. If you like, I can install it for you. Email me at

    Open your ftp server. Follow the directions in your script. When setting permissions, in my ftp, I right click and then click propieties and change the no. to 777.

    This is really a nice free guestbook script which is easier.

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    I have a "fw_menu.js" on the server in the folder and I am not sure if I have to change something in that file or if it is something I need to add to the code of the nagigation on the pages. The navigation will be the same for all of the pages I will design. I figured everything out except on how to get the code to work. I think it may have something to do with a part of a code that says "position absolute" or something like that.
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