Hi, this i my first post, i've just joined but got many useful tips from here but as i'm now getting deeper into web design, i thought it's only fair i join and try to help out anyone less fortunate as me but also gain knowledge from you guys.

A rundown
I'm setting up a website that will sell custom artwork, the user will start by selecting 1 of 5 frames and each frame has many options on separate pages i.e. page 1 frame, page 2 size, page 3 style, so the user can customise their artwork. I might add that if the user selects frame 1, only frame 1 option pages should load from then on. Each option/custom page will have a radio button or drop down list allowing for the selection with an image preview next to it to confirm what they've choosing, I then want this to lead to an upload image page where the user can upload an image and then pay via a paypal button which will take them to paypal. (I'm sure i will use someone other than paypal when the site is established, but paypal is free and other sites cost say 20 a month and while the site isn't going to bring in much money, paypal will be fine.

Setup database
I'm not sure if this is the right way to do this but how do i setup a database with all the custom information, do i need to set up 1 database with say 9 fields (for the options) and then add the information to those files or do i need to add each scenario i.e. frame1, size a, style b, etc which could be a lot?

setup drop down lists / radio buttons
Do i need to manually put the information in via my html document or do i setup a link to get the information from mysql?

Page links
How do i link the pages together depending on what they've selected i.e. select landscape, the next page that will load will be only landscape sizes?

How do i link this all together so that paypal can see what's been chosen and price accordantly with a description of the final product?

Thanks in advanced, i'm sure this will help many like me starting out in the world.