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Thread: ASP login help

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    Default ASP login help

    Hi Friends,
    This is my first thread and i hope to get some help from you all.

    I am designing a "HR Management system". I went through some vdo tutorial on using visual studio 2008.

    I have two tables created[authenticate and employeedetails] and i wish to check my user name and password with data entries made in one of the tables.

    I could create a login option using the design feature of MS VStudio. I am using c# as my programming.

    Can anyone please help me with this.

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    How can we help you without any code or examples, or, better, a link to your website?
    If you want someone to design it for you, it's best to post in the paid help section (as I doubt anyone has the time to do all that for free). If you want someone to help, they will need more information.
    Welcome to the board.
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