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    I use this site a lot for myself messing about making sites

    I have a college project I want to include a html or css carousel i have looked at these ones

    I am finding it hard to get my head around this

    if any one can help please say so !

    I have to make the site in dreamweaver


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    Default good luck

    Might the CMotion Image Gallery or the old Conveyor Belt slideshow script be a bit easier?

    HTML <tags> defines the structure of your page content; in itself HTML will not create such a carousel / conveyor belt effect (unless HTML 5 has some new tricks). Dreamweaver is a WSIWYG editor so that is irrelevant.

    Do you know JavaScript? Are you familiar with the CSS property position: relative and position: positive? (The CMotion Gallery and Step Carousel employ the CSS position property -- see

    What college do you attend? I hang out at SUNY FIT in NYC. (The tutoring budget was drastically cut this semester.)

    I find to be the best FREE web hosting/server. If you upload your page to the Web, someone at Dynamic Drive forum can probably help you get the bugs out.

    Good luck. There is a lot to learn, and it is ever-changing at a rapid pace. You will most likely get hooked on the Web bug if you are not already.


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