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Thread: CS4 FLA linkage to AS 3.0 class

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    Default CS4 FLA linkage to AS 3.0 class

    After using FLASh for many years, through many versions (including CS3 and ActionScript 3.0) and reading numerous books -- such as AS3 for Flash CS3 Prof., AS3 for Flash CS4: Classromm in a Book, Flash CS4 Prof.: Classroom in a Book, Flash CS4 on Demand, Flash CS4 How To's, Essential AS3, Advanced AS3 Animation -- I am more confused than ever about coordinating/linking a FLA timeline animation file with external ActionScript files.

    Also need help with differences between using include with AS "snippets: and import with AS class packages.

    Can anyone point me to some comprehensive FREE online soutces that will help me sort out document linkage and symbol .linkage, etc.? I found one (maybe that seemed to answer my needs but accidentally lost the connection and cannot find it again. Adobe's Help and seem to be lacking in many ways.

    Maybe I'm using the wrong search keywords (e.g., Flash CS4 FLA link to AS 3.0 class)?

    The books listed above are from the library and not necessarily a best choice (e.g., classroom in a book and series are more annoying than helpful).

    P.S. -- Here's a reference from C. Moock's "Essential ActionScript 3.0" Chap 29 on the subject.
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