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    Hello again. I was just wondering with this Switch Menu:

    Switch Menu

    Is there a way to make two pairs of the Switch menu in the same page?
    EX: A pair of five buttons at the top of a page, and a pair of 5 buttons at the bottom of a page.

    Could making sub buttons inside of a switch menu cause the buttons to work improperly? EX: The "4 buttons" located in the second pair of buttons named TEACHERS, then there are the "4 buttons" located inside of the TEACHERS button.

    EX: If you go to
    There are two pair of buttons, the top one opens just exactly how its suppose to. The second pair, well...the buttons want to continue to stay open when you click on a new button. Is ther a way to get the buttons to work as TWO seperate switch buttons?

    If so would copying and changing this code from .menutitle and .subtitle to
    .menutitle2 and .subtitle2 change the problem? Sorry for so many questions
    I try to make them a yes/no questionair instead of an explanatory. I guess it didn't work so well. Sorry Thanks for anyone's patience and time reading this message.

    <style type="text/css">


    margin-bottom: 0.5em;
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