Hey guys! I know that I haven't posted on DD in quite a long time, but today I have a problem. You may know of my website, Magicyte Beta. Well, there's a teensy weensy problem in Internet Explorer: the menu bar is very thin in versions less than 8. There may be other problems or errors in the CSS that I wouldn't know of as I have modified it over and over and over again to the point of helplessness. If you could help me out with this problem, check out my website in my signature below or in the link I have just provided. The CSS file can be found here:


If you find anything else that shouldn't be in the CSS that wouldn't affect the layout (please don't take out zoom: 1; -- parts in the CSS don't affect hasLayout in IE, but fixes a few bugs in the way IE displays things [trust me] but there are still some parts where I've added zoom: 1; and it shouldn't be there), please let me know of it. Thanks for your concern!