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Hi John - I was scrolling through the 'new' scripts/programs and saw a scrolling text/image program but it did not have a mouse over anchor capability I'm seeking - is there such a animal in DD. George/TENMEG
Well it would depend upon the script. However, most scripts that can link at all can also link to a named anchor simply by changing the URL in the link to a hash as described above for the Ultimate Fade script. A lot of scripts don't even include any special syntax for links though, in which case you may often just insert the hash link as ordinary HTML or as part of the ordinary HTML that the script 'asks' for in its configuration area.

Sounds more complicated than it is because I'm not sure which script you are talking about. The whole hash URL/named anchor business is really just basic HTML. When applied to a script it may sometime require a slightly different approach than it would in ordinary HTML, but often not.