Can anyone help me please to slide category in 3 column. Right now everything work in one column, and I need help to insert in 3 column.

include ("../moduli/link2.php");
$dbQuery = 'SELECT `1_database`.`Departments ID`,`1-5_country`.`Ime Drzava, Regiona`, Count(`1-5_country`.`Ime Drzava, Regiona`) FROM `1-5_booking_country` , 1_database WHERE `1-5_country`.`Departments ID` = 1_database.`Departments ID` GROUP BY `1-5_country`.`Ime Drzava, Regiona` ORDER BY `1-5_country`.`Ime Drzava, Regiona` ASC ' .$SQLWhere;
$dbResult = mysql_query($dbQuery) or die ("Could not read data because " . mysql_error());
$RowCount = mysql_numrows($dbResult);

$dbCount = 7;

while ($slides = mysql_fetch_assoc($dbResult))
//echo "{$slides['Departments ID']}<br>" .
$D=$slides['Departments ID'];
$dbCount ++;
$D=$_POST['Departments ID'];
<a href="<? echo $link; ?>" class="textlevo" colspan="2">
echo '<div class="meniIndentSub">'.$slides['Ime Drzava, Regiona'].' ('.$slides['Count(`1-5_country`.`Ime Drzava, Regiona`)'].')</div>';

This is how look now:

And I need to be something like this: