Hiya members of dynamicdrive,

I'm looking for a DHTML Tooltips scripts that allows me to insert links, and click on it when hover over a div. I'd googled, but none of them seems working well with my site.

Basically my site runs off php, whereby scripts that use something like:
HTML Code:
<div onmouseover="showtooltips('this is a tooltip 1 with <a href="#">links</a> clickable')">Tooltips 1</div>
<div onmouseover="showtooltips('this is a tooltip 2 with <a href="#">links</a> clickable')">Tooltips 2</div>
will then works fine in my site.

What i'm trying to achieve is..

When not hovered:

When hovered:

Would it be possible to make something like that? Or if there already is one, would you please direct me to it?

Thanks in advanced, looking forward to all your replies too.