Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place but here goes!

I am having some issues with a them I have bough and installed.

Here are the issues I am having!

(note: Services=Works!)

* Background image(top) not showing.
* Also, Background colour (for long content) shown as white.
* Contact Form not appearing in "Contact" page (or anywhere!)
* Image linking for posts/pages not working.
* On Blog Page, how can I get only specific tags like you have Events/ Fun Stuff/ News etc
* On Services Page, I would like to just show the categorties for Services!
* Hover Buttons are not the same as the demo for pages and categories. (They are working for the subsections in About and also for the top main menu)
* Unable to browse through Tweets using buttons
* Unable to browse through Flickr photos (arrows not showing)

This was the list of issues I have sent to the designer of the template, but as of yet I have had no reply.

the url is: http://bit.ly/4Iq37X

The template is from here: http://bit.ly/rx466

Thanks in advance,