Okay, so I have started a new job, and was asked to do something I've never done before. Basically, a project that is coming up where it's a scenario-based learning module. ALL content is supposed to be XML driven, questions and possible answers, images and positioning, scoring (there are 4 different scoring systems for how customers respond to the help you try to give). To top it all off, if this is successful, the boss then wants this to be dynamically driven, where a web app updates the XML doc, and you can track how well people do.

Basically think of a seriously over-complicated Sim Dating game.

Does anyone know where I can get ideas or files so I can get the engine to this thing built? I'm really junior at utilizing XML, and my boss wants to move everything over to XML based content. I can do a hangman game and a couple of other quiz-like things using XML, but that's really the extent of my skills there. I could really use the help with this, as I moved clear across the country for this job, and this type of coding was never even mentioned in the interview process. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.