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Thread: How to create a text next to favicon & how to create a movable favicon?

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    Arrow How to create a text next to favicon & how to create a movable favicon?

    I have create a 16×16 pixel favicon (favorites icon) for my site: in order to brand and increase it's prominence in visitor's bookmark menu.

    However, I found that some favicon from other website is more creative & interesting:
    1) The address bar contains a text next to the favicon.
    2) a movable favicon icon

    How to create a text next to the favicon?
    How to create a movable favicon?

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    Can you post a screen capture of an example? I'm not sure what you mean.

    1) The only text I have ever seen next to a fav icon is from a security notice that you are on a secure site. To get this, you just need to go through all of the setup for a secure site, like using https, getting a security certificate, etc. I'm not sure if the text is customizable or if that is a default by browser.

    2) I have never seen a "movable" favicon. Where do you move it? Why? Or do you mean a "moving" picture? It may be possible to use an animated gif (or similar format) and convert it to a moving icon, but I don't know how.

    I don't know much about either of these, though. You may be able to find something on google, but I'd first try to refine your search terms a bit, because those aren't very clear yet.

    "favicon text" / "favicon text caption" and "animated favicon" would be good places to start.

    One answer I can give you, if this is at all related to your question, is that you can dynamically change a favicon with Javascript. I'm not sure how it is done, but it can be triggered by the javascript on a page because that's how it works when one flashes when there is a new message, etc. An example of this is where the favicon changes colors when a new message is sent. Again, I don't know what the code is, but it must be possible: google "change favicon javascript" and see where that leads.
    However, it won't be entirely reliable because some browsers (for example, especially internet explorer) can take a very long time to reset the favicon (up to 72 hours in some cases). It should enhance the experience for many users, though.
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