I have struggled for days to get the pages to expand to 100% and it works, except there is a small gap on the pages that expand beyond the the fold. But only the ones that have CSS DIVS embedded within the main CSS content holder.

Here is the page with the gap that isn't going all the way to the bottom:


This page works with no gap:


So I believe the problem is in the embedded CSS that is within the CSS container_body. These potential problem DIVS are:

Here is a link to the CSS:

I think this is where the problem lies (within maincontentcolumn1):

.maincontentcolumn1 {float: left; height:100%; height: auto; min-height: 100%; text-align:center; width:40%; padding: 0; margin:0 auto;}

I know I don't need ALL the heigh tags (auto, height 100% and min-height 100%) but I tried everything.

PROBLEM: Gap at bottom of home page I can't get rid of. Any help would be appreciated.