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Thread: JXtension - JQuery's Little Brother

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    I recently created JXtension, a JavaScript library that is smaller than jQuery but provides many of the same features. These features include all of the following:
    • New Array object functions
    • New Function object functions
    • New String object functions
    • A $(...) CSS-like selector
    • A New Color object

    I am working on including cookie handling, AJAX, and wildcard search capabilities. I currently have most of the extra object functions documented. Unfortunately, I will not have the CSS-like selector documented until after December 19 (because of my workload at school). All JXDocs (JXtension Documentation pages) and JXtension information can be found at The complete (or full) version of JXtension can be found at My question for you is, what would you like to see in a JavaScript library?
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