I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a script/code that would allow me to dynamically style selected links? I'll explain what I mean:

I'm building a e-commerce store using a Perl/CGI cart. I have design templates for each of the main categories. On each of these category templates, I am adding a HTML menu of the sub-categories (tops, t-shirts, sweaters, etc...) within that main category using an unordered list.

What I would like is to apply a different style to the link when the user is currently on that page. For example, if they are on the 'Tops' sub-category page, I would like for the 'Tops' link within the menu to be bold.

I cannot manually add the class to the link because the page is displayed dynamically using this 'main' template therefore all sub-categories will be displayed using the same layout.

Is there a script/code I can use that could achieve this in another way?