I'm trying to get flash to communicate with an arduino board through a serial proxy. I'm getting an error that says "Packages cannot be nested," but when I get rid of the "package" statement i get more errors. Does anybody have any experience with this who could help me out?



import flash.display.Sprite;
import funnel.*;
import funnel.gui.*;
import funnel.ui.*;

public class FlashTest extends Sprite {
private var arduino:Arduino;

public function FlashTest() {
arduino = new Arduino(Arduino.FIRMATA);

// If you want to create a GUI to let users try
// without hardware, set a GUI as follows
var gui:ArduinoGUI = new ArduinoGUI();
arduino.gui = gui;

var led:LED = new LED(arduino.digitalPin(13));
led.blink(1000, 0); // 1000ms interval (i.e. 1Hz)