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Thread: The Irish have been cheated (and I'm not even Irish!)

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    At the moment, things are at their worst ever for France, I guess the Irish have gotten their revenge.

    In case you don't know what's happened, France drew against Uruguay, then lost against Mexico 2-0. Because he was taken out at half time, Anelka shouted some profanities to Domenech, the French coach. The federation asked for an apology, and when he refused, he was sent home. In protest, all players refused to train and there were fears they would not play the last game against South Africa. By this time, most French supporters were sick of the team. The only chance to advance was for them to win--big--against South Africa, and for the other game between Mexico and Uruguay, that is being played at the same time, not to end in a draw. So while I'm writing this, France has received a red card early in the match and is down by 2-0. In other words, it's bad!

    Even though Thiery is my favorite player, I'm now rooting for South Africa.
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    Hello soccer lovers,
    Some time ago, I started this thread with this video, and I'm happy to announce that the hand of God corrected things that were not correct until now: France is out!
    I will continue to support Holland, since I'm Dutch (though Slavonic by nature). (And I don't hate the French: my oldest daughter is married to a Frenchman).


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