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Thread: IE6, float left and a wide page - Div Jumps To The Right

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    Default IE6, float left and a wide page - Div Jumps To The Right

    Hello All,

    A first post here so please be gentle with me! A website I'm working on has content of varying widths displayed on the page in tabular form - sometimes a horizontal scroll bar is displayed due to the quantity of data being shown.

    I've recently added a sidebar links menu based upon the design based upon the CSS Liquid Layout #2.1- (Fixed-Fluid) here:

    It works great for FireFox and IE8 but (and there's always a "but"!) IE6 fails miserably.


    After stripping out lots of JS and other bits, it seems that the left-hand div displays correctly on the far left of the page & screen in IE8 and firefox. For IE6 the left-hand div displays on the left of the whole page when the scrollbar has been moved to display the far right of the page.

    Bar should be here regardless of page width

    ......| <- Scroll bar moved over so far right of page is displayed
    Bar is here on IE6

    . It seems that the div is using (whole_page_width - screen_width) to calculate where the div is placed rather than at 0px

    . It only happens in IE6 (from the testing so far)

    After trawling the web and spending days trying to fix this, I've found lots of issues with IE6 and divs (peekaboo etc) but nothing that directly relates to what I'm seeing. My main question is, have any of the forum seen anything like this before, is it a known bug and is there anywhere that you can point me to read for ideas on how to fix it?


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