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Thread: need a help for the structure of web

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    Default need a help for the structure of web


    i want to make a site that stores the MP3 files on server, any1 can download files from server, n the honor of the site (me) can upload any MP3 file on site for my users,

    i just want to know how i should save files on server , so that it can b easily accesed by my users,here is the list to show files on server:

    and i want to give the links in a structureal manner, means according to the date abnd location of that MP3 file, o should i save all the MP3 files in different folders or in asingle folder only?, or i should store that information in database too? that which file related to this location etc?

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    Here's a nice directory lister script which lists the contents of a website (or folder of your choice within your website).
    Just drop the files at the root of your website, or folder you want to list content from, and view the index.php file via your browser.

    I dont remember where I got it (I've been using it for about 2 years) and I dont claim to have written the script myself but its proved to be very useful.

    Here is a breakdown of the features:
    The colours are configurable via css.
    There is a (configurable) sort function so you can sort your files by Name (default), File Type, File Size and Date.
    You can specify the number of items to display on a page and there's an auto-pagination feature that creates Previous and Next links when the number of items you specified is exceded.
    Its recursive so you could file your music in folders based on genre and the scrip lets your visitors drill down and then "back out".
    You can encode your own file icons via the icon.php file - open it in a browser, upload your custom icon, then paste the code it gives you in the top of the index.php file in line with the rest.



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