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Thread: Formmail thank you/success page - How to remove it?

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    Angry Formmail thank you/success page - How to remove it?

    I use formmail from It is Matt's script. I don't have the perl or script or whatever it is called. That is not part of my page. I do have the html which includes redirect after form submission. The redirect is working fine and I am successfully receiving filled out forms.

    My webpage has div's. When someone clicks "yes" within a div, the question and answers hide that are part of that div. A new div appears with a form. They fill out the form and click submit, and then that div disappears and a new div appears, etc., etc.

    Also...when the thank you page comes up after the form is submitted, it does NOT open in a new window. It opens in the same window. That is my major problem. It will be impossible for anyone to get through the series of div's to get to the last div. If I click back after the thank you page appears, then of course the page with the series of div's starts over from the beginning.

    My question is...
    I REALLY need that *&^% thank you page disabled or removed somehow. Or at least it has to open in a new window. Does anyone know how to do that?

    Please let me know if I posted this in the wrong category by mistake.

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    Link, Code?

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    Yes, post a link or code. We can't help without that.

    However, in general if you are using a formmailer, here is how it works:
    1. Your site submits a form TO that site.
    2. That (external) site MUST be opened, so that the data can be sent to it. (The user must do this, too, because their browser is submitting the data, so they MUST open that page).
    3. That page sends you an email with the data (because you don't have that code on your webpage, so you use their site to do that).
    4. They may or may not allow a redirect back to your site.

    Since step (2) is required and they MUST go to the external site, there is not much you can do about this. You could try to code a form mailer yourself (or find an existing one)-- this is possible with PHP which you may have on your server already. Or you can look for a better form mailer that has a thank you page you like more. You cannot control that page, though, because it is THEIR page, not yours, but you must use it because that is how you get the emails.

    One more option you have: you can change the form tag:
    <form action="[theirpage]" method="post" target="_blank">
    That will make the form submit into a new window. That might help, but be aware that is it really annoying to have new windows opening all the time... why should the user have to deal with that?
    (The target attribute can be used like in a link tag, to a specific window, a frame, iframe, the same window, whatever.)

    Bottom line: if you want a smooth setup that you have control over, learn how to make your own formmailer: the free ones like this are always annoying and lack control for the webmaster using them. They're nice in their effectiveness to send messages, but that is the extent of it.
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