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Thread: total monthly internet usage

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    Default total monthly internet usage

    hi all

    i am going to apply for an broadband connection but they dont have unlimited plans.

    so i would like to know that if i get broadband connection of 1-2 MB speed and surf internet for 8-10 hours daily but DONT download any music or video files then how much can be my total internet usage in a month.

    They have plans upto 10GB data usage.


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    It really depends on what you're doing. If you are constantly loading large pictures, it might get big as well.
    Media files (or any other big files, like downloadable software or big pdfs) will always be the main cause for bandwidth usage, but even just text pages might add up if you are downloading a lot.

    Realistically bandwidth concerns are only for those downloading lots of files or gaming, etc., so you can probably get away with the lowest plan available or maybe the second lowest, though I can't guarantee it.

    Additionally, many companies have a policy that once the bandwidth limit is reached, the speed slows down a lot, sometimes only for big downloads. So if you never download big files you might not even have a problem once you do reach the limit.
    These systems sometimes work by allowing regular download speed for a couple seconds then slowly decreasing the speed as the download continues-- you can download text only webpages quickly, images might have a slight delay, and when you download big files it will start out fast then slow down and keep slowing down and take a very long time.
    However, this varies by company and some might just start charging if you go over.

    You might want to ask them if you can switch policies on request, then just guess which one might work, track how much bandwidth you use, then switch on the second month.
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    vineet, if you are on Mac OS, I can recommend you to use Protemac Meter to monitor and control your internet usage


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