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Thread: pop up and log off

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    Default pop up and log off

    I am looking for some sort of timed pop up that will work on startup on certant accounts on my computer I have 4 kids and the timer dose not work for us under parental controls i need something that will pop up after 45 min or so after log in that gives the user no option but to log off

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    I don't know how this would be possible, at least I can't think of an easy way. Languages like C++ and Java work within windows, not as a component of it. So if you actually need to control the operating system, I'm not sure how that works. You can probably do it somehow, but it would be much easier to buy software that does this, though it might be expensive and be much more complex than just a timer. If you do have a timer already then maybe you can find a way that will work.
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