I would like to use the @font-face thing and saw an example of how to put it into my CSS on a recent post here.

	font-family:			'Perfect DOS VGA 437';
	src:				url('http://www.sigvatr.com/dosfont.ttf');
I put that in my CSS and then assigned that font a class just to see if it would work, and it did, so full on confidence, I tried it with the font I want to use, and it didn't.

The font I want to use is CygnetRound and is a free font and readily available all over the place. Unfortunately, I have only found it as a zip file. That must be the problem because in the example above, it clearly calls for a ttf. I also noticed that the font there is downloaded from his own site.

So my question:
What kinds of places are there where can I upload a font as a ttf (which CygnetRound is)? I can't upload it onto My Forum because the it's a premade forum and I it says that kind of file isn't allowed when I tried. So, I'm looking for some other kind of place.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.