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Thread: Windows XP passwords

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    Default Windows XP passwords

    I am not having password trouble at present. Mostly I want to start learning more about windows XP passwords so that I do not accidentally lock myself out or if I do lock myself out where I forget the password or do not have a password set I can get back access to my computer.

    I do not like password queries on my computer and want to keep it as accessible as possible for me or friends that come to my place to use my computer. When getting my new computer I saw how well Vista worked and decided XP was a much better choice and plan to stay with the more user friendly XP. I hear Windows 7 is a much improved version of Vista, but I think I will stick with XP for a few more years. On to the questions though.

    If I start my computer up and my computer asks me for a password before Windows XP will start up what is that password called?

    If I start Windows XP and I am asked for a password, is this called a username password?

    How can I get Windows XP to ask me for my username before I can login to my account even if I do not have a password (not a forgotten password). When this happens how do I solve this problem?

    Is there some sort of start up CD I can create to get me past all of these passwords?

    Before Windows XP starts up I can hit the delete button amd I am taken to what I think is the Bios Setup. In the security section I have the option of setting the Administrator password and the user password. Are these related to any of the above passwords?

    I think these are all of the initial questions I have. I am going to try going online to find some tutorial on how to use the bios setup.
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