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Thread: Looking For A Script To Show Images

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    Default Looking For A Script To Show Images

    Here's what I'm looking for.

    Right now I have a website done with HTML

    It has a four images (jpgs) per page

    First JPG -- Second JPG

    Third JPG -- Forth JPG

    Arranged like that above in a sqare with four quarters.

    Underneath it says

    Pg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    This works perfec with HTML but it only contains 50 JPGS (12.5 html pages). I would like to expand this to over 500 jpg. Now the problem is that I don't want to write 41+ HTML pages, and maybe more should the number increase.

    Now I have access to a database through MYSQL so I was thinking of dumping the jpgs in a database numbered jpg 1 to jpg 500. Then writing a script to pull the images out.

    Now that seems to be PHP and I'm not familiar with it. I tried a couple of beginning PHP books but am not having luck so far.

    Is there a script of service that can do this, or I could modify to do this without having a great knowlege of PHP?

    Thanks for any ideas

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    (The site used to be a bit simpler... now it has many articles and is a bit hard to navigate, but lots of great info if you take a minute to find what you need.)
    That, specifically, will help.

    First, NEVER store images in a database. It is slow, inefficient and will burden the database with sending out huge chunks of data all the time. Instead, just store filenames/paths, and keep the images in a folder somewhere.

    You can entirely automate the process by just having a folder of images that will be automatically put on pages of four, using "paging" as above, then generate the links for the next and previous pages.

    It should not be that difficult to write this if you get a basic understanding of php and mysql, so I suggest taking a look at that site and seeing if you're still stuck. It's straightforward and there are many things you can copy from the examples to get some basic code going-- then just add, modify and do your layout.

    Also, if you only want the images shown on pages, the system can be entirely automated and just done with a folder of images and PHP (see opendir() on But if you want control, like the order of images or adding captions, then you can use MySQL. You might actually just want to try a php-only method that just grabs pictures and puts them on a page... it'll make your job easier, anyway, and your pages don't sound that complex.
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    well you can use the only problem with that is you do need to know how to code a bit and if you do not want to allow users to sign up you have to shut that off in admin but yea it does not do the number thing but i am sure you can do that some how you can always go to that site and look at the demo


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