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Thread: PHP Form Fields Show up Empty?

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    Default PHP Form Fields Show up Empty?

    I have used this form once before and it worked out fine. I copied and pasted to use on another website (by the same owner).

    Why are my fields returning empty (when I recieve the email)?

    $Id: contactform.php, v 1.00 2003/09/13 01:58:22 hpdl Exp $
    PHPcube, Contact Us Form
    Copyright (c) 2003

    //----------Configuration Area ------
    //----------Modify section -----------

    //The Email Address in which you would like to receive technical support requests
    $EmailAddress = "";

    //The Subject of the email message you receive when someone sends a technical support requests
    $EmailSubject = "HNL Design and Manufacturing, Ltd. Contact - Request Information";

    //The URL of the page you would like to redirect the user to when they have
    //successfully submitted a technical support request
    $ResultPage = "thanks.php";

    //Should the script send an email to the user when it has successfully sent
    //the technical support request to your defined mailbox? Yes or No
    $ReplyBoolean = "Yes";

    //The Name in which you would like to use as the sender of the confirmation email
    $SenderName = "HNL Design and Manufacturing, Ltd.";

    //The Email address from which the script will use to send the email to the user
    $SenderEmailAddress = "";

    //The Subject of the email message your user receives as a confirmation letter
    $SenderEmailSubject = "HNL Design and Manufacturing Request for Information Received";

    //The body of the email message your user receives
    $SenderBody = "Thank you for your inquiry. One of our HNL Design and Manufacturing Representatives will respond to your quote shortly. ~ HNL Design and Manufacturing";

    //========== PHP Script ==========
    //========== Don't modify below this line if you don't know how to do=============
    mail( "$EmailAddress", "$EmailSubject",
    "\nFirstName: $FirstName \nLastName: $LastName \nCompany: $Company \nAddress: $Address1 \nAddress2: $Address2 \nCity: $City \nState: $State \nZip: $Zip \nPhone: $Phone \nEmail: $Email \nMachine: $Machine \nModel#: $Model \n\nAttachment: $Attachment", "From: $txtemail" );

    $ReplyBoolean = strtolower($ReplyBoolean);
    if($ReplyBoolean == "yes") {
    mail( "$email", "$SenderEmailSubject", "Dear $FirstName $LastName, \n\n$SenderBody \n\n$SenderName", "From: $SenderName <$SenderEmailAddress>" );
    header( "Location: $ResultPage" );

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    I can't see where you're getting the fields from that form the content of the email, eg $FirstName, $LastName.

    Is there some code that you haven't posted?


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