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Thread: domain running looping programs

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    Default domain running looping programs

    We suspect that the domain is running looping programs which is creating huge load on the server due to which other web sites are going down also effecting the performance of the server As this is the shared server we are stopping the services to this site. So please check the coding part once and get back to us so that we can start and monitor your site amd the server.

    any one what is problem? If u know plz help me its urgent

    i checked my index file and there are no looping problems in it
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    That's from your web host? Who are they? It's very badly written, as if the writer is trying to present himself as an authority but doesn't know all the right words. It doesn't sound professional at all. Are you sure it's legitimate?

    Edit: Actually, is it translated from another language? That would explain the grammar and word choice, but not the content of the message. See below.

    Even if it is legitimate, you should ask them for more specific information. No decent host would accuse you of doing something wrong but make you figure out exactly what yourself.


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