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Thread: Build your own computer toolbox

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    Default Build your own computer toolbox

    Are you the guy that everybody in the neighborhood calls when their computer is on fire and beeping -- or just won't turn on?
    My answer: Yeah.
    This article will show you how to create your own sleek toolbox with all the tools that you'll need to fix nearly any problem.

    Jumper caps of various types, at least 15 per type.
    At least 1 hard drive (the largest size you can afford).
    Cell batteries of various sizes and voltages, at least 1 of each.
    At least 1 extra CR2032 cell battery.
    Multi-head screwdriver.
    Tool demagnetizer.
    An infrared thermometer.
    At least 1 USB cable kit (extension cable and adapters).
    At least 2 PS2-to-USB (plug PS2 into USB) adapters.
    1 USB card reader.
    At least 1 IDE cable.
    At least 2 SATA cables.
    At least 1 DVD burner.
    Blank CD, DVD, and (optionally) floppy media.
    1 antistatic wrist strap.
    1 antistatic mat.
    Several CAT5e cables of various lengths.
    1 5"x7" notebook or normal-sized sticky note pad.
    A few hand-sanitizing wipes.
    A mechanical pencil.
    1 small bottle of rubbing alcohol.
    1 can of compressed air.
    Several paperclips.
    1 SSD 5-1/4" fitter.
    1 notebook drive 5-1/4" fitter.
    (Optional) At least 1 HD floppy drive.
    At least 1 mouse.
    At least 1 keyboard.
    1 set of earbuds.
    A few slim jewel cases.
    1 roll of electrical tape.
    1 pair of scissors.
    At least 24 thumbscrews.
    At least 1 small Ziploc bag.
    1 roll of Scotch tape.
    1 card reader.
    1 Sharpie.
    1 black pen.
    1 wood pencil, unsharpened.
    At least 1 sound card.
    At least 1 video card.
    At least 1 DVI-to-VGA adapter.
    At least 1 VGA-to-DVI adapter.
    A few heavy-duty paper towels.
    1 roll of 2-ply paper towels.
    At least 1 small ball bearing.
    Miscellaneous batteries.
    A USB port powered by a nine-volt battery in an Altoids tin.
    (October 2009 issue of Maximum PC)
    At least 1 spare mouse ball.
    RAM of various types and sizes.
    Something grounded.
    A power supply tester.
    Many batteries of various types and sizes.
    A battery charger.
    A battery tester.
    A memory card that can be read by that last card reater.
    Memory card adapters of various types, 1 of each type.
    At least 1 empty thumb drive.
    Other miscellaneous electronic crap that looks cool.

    A Mac-On-A-Stick.
    Windows 7 RC1.
    Windows Vista Ultimate.
    Windows XP Professional.
    Windows 2000.
    Windows NT 4.0.
    Windows 98.
    Windows 3.1.
    Windows 1.0.
    Mac OS X.
    Mac OS 7.
    Apple System Software 6.
    Puppy Linux.
    Damn Small Linux.
    A SUSE Studio build with the software listed below.
    A Windows por table environvent bootdisk.
    DOS 6.

    Internet software.
    Security software.
    Miscellaneous software.
    Office software.
    Graphics software.
    Diagnostics software.
    Put everything (portable versions and installers) on:
    a thumb drive.
    Live/installer CDs.
    Floppy disks.

    I like to put mine in a Really Useful Box.
    Feel free to make suggestions as to other things people might need.
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    Nice post. Thank you!!


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