Um... hi.
I dual-booted Ubuntu with my Windows XP installation yesterday, following the instructions at this page:
However, I had installed a bootscreen to XP. This created two entries in my boot.ini file.
As such, the GRUB installation, instead of creating a direct entry to XP, created an entry to the XP loader.
I booted into Ubuntu and messed around with it.
I then rebooted into XP.
Today, I installed several drivers in XP in hope to be able to read my ext3 Ubuntu partition, but to no avail. I didn't make much of this, and hard-rebooted (it doesn't matter why) to try to enter the Ubuntu installation.
However, it booted into a screen that said:
GRUB loading: stage1.5

GRUB [something]
Error 17
This rendered my computer unbootable. (I am writing this from my Ubuntu live CD.)

Is there any way to fix this, or to bypass GRUB and boot directly from the first partition, with the XP loader?
(I do have a partitioning utility available, and I can burn CDs and make floppy disks (ha.))


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