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Thread: Having a problem with browser compatibilty, please help.

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    Default Having a problem with browser compatibilty, please help.

    If anyone can provide some insight as to what is causing my problem I would be gratfull for the help. My problem is that on my joke pages that I have created they display perfectly with out cutting off any of the joke once so ever but when I view them in Internet explorer it cuts off the end bit of the jokes. This is really anoying and I don't know why it's happening? Anyone know why this is happeing?

    of the the jokes are located here:

    As you'll notice in IE it dose not get to the end of the joke and in Mozilla Fire Fox it works out just fine with out any problems. Very confussing?

    Thanks for any help.

    Note: other pages like are even worse for dispaying the content yet firefox has no problems with it once again.
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