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Thread: Tips how to minimize html on my site?

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    Default Tips how to minimize html on my site?

    I feel that I can significantly cut down on the html and tables currently being used on my site using CSS. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? - I am slightly new to design, so please be nice. I really would like to optimize my site for search engines and right now when doing a search for my own company name "the blue dot" I do not even show up on the first page. I know there are a lot of other factors involved, but I feel the layout needs a lot of cleanup.

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    First tip, loose the tables. Find some tutorials on .css and div's and start methodically replacing them. It will make your life easier and make much more presentable content.

    Second tip, you don't show up in a lot of related searches because of your choice in site keywords.

    Some of your keywords:
    best price, lowest, cheap, no contract, without contract, palm treo, accessory, battery, accessories, mobile, phones, motorola, samsung, htc, the blue dot

    The majority of internet users will never search 1 word. Try to focus on keyphrases that reflect the search you want to show up. If you want to show up better for your company name, add: the blue dot, to your keywords like I did above. If you have mobile, phones in your keywords and some one searches mobile phones, you aren't going to pop up on the first million pages. "Keywords" should be EXACT searches you want to target.

    keyword or search phrase 1, mobile phones, keyword or search phrase 3


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