To apply a language TEXT eg Greek to a javascript (.php) dynamic webpage via a javascript linked script
<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/cards-gr.js"></script>
(greek text inside this .js file)

what I must do ?
Has important from which page cut the js plain greek text (in code) OR GREEK TEXT is GREEK TEXT ?

I tried but I think works only for plain greek text(I did when click a credit card from total six, below six/images appear the clicked credit card image bigger with description , ...but embeded greek in html does not function...?)

var array=new Array("ΣΠΕ ΠΟΛΗΣ ΧΡΥΣΟΧΟΥΣ","ΣΠΕ Αγίας Μαρίνας Χρυσοχούς","ΣΠΕ Αργάκας","ΣΠΕ Νέου Χωρίου (Πάφου)","ΣΠΕ Περιστερώνας (Πάφου)","ΣΠΕ Λυσού","ΣΠΕ Γουδίου","ΣΠΕ Δρούσειας","ΣΠΕ Κρiτου Τέρας");

for plain greek text inside html tags does NOT work(not-understanding chars appear) well ?

var codeIN[1]="<p align='left' lang='el'><img src='/images/cards/816115classic200.jpg' border='0' alt='coop classic' title='coop classic' width='200' height='126' align='left' />? p?st?t??? ???ta t?? S??e??at?s?? Coop Classic ape????eta? se ??a ta ??? ?a? pe??te? t?? eta??e?a? ?? ?p???? ep?????? ?a ?at????? p?st?t??? ???ta. </p><p>?a?a?t???st??? t?? Coop Classic <br />?a???? p?st?t???? ????? <br />???sas? se e???? a???? ?p??es??? <br />?p?de?t? t?s? st?? ??p?? ?s? ?a? st? e??te???? <br />24??? e??p???t?s? ?s? t?? ATMs <br />S?et??? st? s??d?? Coop ??ta???? ?a? e?a?????s? t?? a??? e et??t? <br />?a??d??t??? asf??e?a ? ?p??a ?a??pte? p??s?p??? at???ata, ?at???? ?a? ???a ???da ?a??? ep?s?? t?? ap?s?e??? ?a? ta p??s?p??? a?t??e?e?a t?? ta??d??t??. <br />?p?st??? ???a?a? ?at?stas?? t?? ???a??as?? sa? ??a pa?a???????s? ?a? ?a??te?? ??e??? t?? e??d?? sa?.</p>";