Hi, i m wanting to know if anyone is running windows moile on there phone, i am, although im asking this because my phone is constantly connected to 3's 3g service for the internet, it has to be because i have opted for an extra 5 a month so i can get my push email working and make sure new emails arrive constantly but the only problem with my phone is that the battery is utterly dissapointing. Today for instance i unplugged it from its charger this morning at around 10AM and now its just ran out of power at about 7PM, this is not normal and i know its the 3g internet which is making this occur, if its not connected to it the battery would last up to about 3 days, and i never turn my phone off on a night i just leave it on all the time. Im wanting to know if anyone elses Windows Mobile 6 phone does this, and which ones they do or which oens they dont.

And by the way the phone was bought in January this year and i have recently bought a new battery for it form ebay which is 1400mah capacity