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Thread: purely research..Flash connect to Skype?

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    Default purely research..Flash connect to Skype?

    can flash be used to get a user connected to Skype. As in if I create a button, and it could hypothetically, allow a conversation to start with a customer service rep to start from the computer. It was a question put to me and I'm looking for answers where I can get them.

    Any Ideas just fire away.

    at this link for example, it discusses clicking a link to dial a skype number. Apparently, this is being done, as far as syntax goes I might do something like this:
    public	var myurl:String = "+SKYPENUMBER HERE";
    private function action(evt:MouseEvent):void
    			var url:String = myurl;
    			var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
      			try {navigateToURL(request, '_blank');}
    			catch (evt:Error) {trace("Error occurred!");}
    		}//end private function action
    -not sure of the syntax though I hope this is not way out of left field
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