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Thread: How to populate php/html form with MySQL data

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    Default How to populate php/html form with MySQL data

    I am learning PHP/MySQL on my own. I've got a MySQL database and a few php/html forms that work fine. What I want to do, but haven't been able to figure out, is to display a form so I can enter a key value to retrieve a record from the database and display that data in the form. I then want to be able to modify 1 or more fields and then update the record in the database. I think I can figure out how to do the update, but I can't figure out how to populate the form with the selected record's data. Anyone have any examples of how to do this? I'd appreciate the help. I've also posted this in the PHP forum, just in case this wasn't the right place to post it. I'll close both when I get an answer.

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    in the future, don't double post. If a question belongs in a different section, a mod will make the appropriate category change.


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