I'm hoping someone can help me, perhaps point me in the right direction. I'm after a script (pre-made if exists, or need to write) that will change the contents of one "select" menu when another one changes (the onChange event).

Basically, I want to have;
- 2 sets of drop down menus that will display a calendar with separate dropdown menus for Day, Month & Year. (the script doesn't need to create the actual calendar days, months etc. These are done)
- 1 set of drop down menus will be a "FromDate"
- The other set will be a "ToDate"
- When a user selects a "Day" from the "FromDate" dropmenu, I want the "ToDate" dropmenu for "Day" to automatically increment by "1" day.
- If they select a different "Month" from the "FromDate" Month dropdown, then the "ToMonth" should automatically change to the same Month.

So basically, I want the "ToDate" menus to increment by "1" day when any of the "FromDate" menus are changed. (similar to the date selections on the online reservations at http://www.hudsonhotel.com/ )

Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance .